My name is Andrew Koines and I am grateful to have found myself alive and awake on this Spaceship Earth.

I believe in the potential for and value of a world in which we trust one another and cooperate to design and build systems that will allow this ride to go on.

To cooperate, we must trust each other. To direct our collective energy in a healthy, sustainable way, we must cooperate. Although this is not always easy, it is achievable.

To improve our world and our systems for living within it we must first consider what the ideal might look like. Once we have some understanding of what those ideals are, we may feel paralyzed by the perception that the ideal is impossibly distant from the real.

We must reject this impulse. We can break down large problems into small pieces. We have seen how attempting to force change from the top destroys. Instead, we must learn from nature's deliberate persistence, starting at a small scale and growing slowly outward.